Business Communication- Write 4 letters

Using the Formal Letter Workshop for reference, compose two letters, of at least two fully developed paragraphs in length, in business format. Both should be letters of complaint based on the same issue, such as a missed deadline, poor service, late delivery or faulty product. The first letter should employ an angry, unprofessional, informal prose style, while the second should be professional, courteous and formal in style.

The second half of this assignment is to compose two letters of response to the above letters of complaint. The first letter of adjustment should employ an informal prose style, while the second should be formal in style.

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Business Communication- Write 4 letters
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Assessment of this assignment will be based on adherence to the Formal Letter Workshop standards for professional letter writing and the use of appropriate word choices in the two formal letters. The unprofessional letters should employ language that one might credibly believe is acceptable. For example, these angry letters should not employ curses or obscenities. Remember as well that phrases such as your fault, your mistake would be perceived as offensive in a professional communication.

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