Aztecs and Modern life

Paper Requirements:

A scholarly 5-7 full page research paper
Double-spaced, 1” margins,12-point font, Times New Roman, and in third person (no I, me, etc)
Primary (written in the type period you are researching) sources must be used
Secondary (scholarly) sources must be used
The paper should
relate to the subject we are studying this semester
relate to the timeframe the course is covering.
demonstrate the historical significance of the subject in an academic manner
include a thesis.
o Underline your thesis
This paper will be a historical argumentative analysis of a particular subject (state a thesis clearly)
Must include:
a title page
documentation [footnotes]
background section
Body paragraphs that explain evidence and further prove the thesis
bibliography and title page do not count towards the final page count
Citation must be in Chicago Manual of Style
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Aztecs and Modern life
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