Application of Discrete Structures in the Real World

Computer Science (CSCI) 235 — Elements of Discrete Structures Research Paper Guidelines

1. Research report is 20% of your final grade.

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Application of Discrete Structures in the Real World
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2. Conduct an extensive research on the selected topic.

3. Give a brief background and explanation regarding the development of the selected topic or theorem.

4. Break the topic into sub topics to simplify the explanation.

5. Provide clear and comprehensive details in your own words. Keep the paper interesting with facts, diagrams, graphs, pictures, etc.

6. Provide conclusion of the theorem or topic.

7. Provide References.

8. Papers must be at least 6-8 pages not including a cover page and references.

9.-Font: Times New Roman

-Heading Font Size: 14
-Body Font Size: 12
-Line Spacing:1.5

10. Must include a cover/title page with information, such as: Your name, ID#, course, Instructor’s name, Semester, Title of your paper, Date of submission.

11. Remember: plagiarism is an unforgivable academic sin. There will be zero points for the term paper.


12. Due on or before Monday, December 14, 2020.

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