Any controversial issue (debate policy)

Assignment Task: Your main task is to define a controversial issue, give your moral stance as well as isolate a piece of legislation causing the social problem. Support of these claims must include a discussion of at least five discussion points per our con-in-one outline, where you will list opposing views and also rebut, contradict, or refute your opponents’ claims. In short, I would like you to re-create the debate for your audience. I would also like to see less qualitative analysis and more quantitative analysis. You must include at least six to ten scholarly and primary sources in giving your position. You must also include an annotated bibliography listing citations and authors’ credentials establishing warrant for you source material. The idea is to find the best source material as well as the most credentialed source material. I must also see an effective use of MLA style signal phrases, in-text citations and of course your annotated bibliography. Another important aspect of this assignment would be to keep your argument free of logical fallacies as we will be defining and discussing in class.

In order to present your own convincing argument, you will need to establish:

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Any controversial issue (debate policy)
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1. Opening should give precise article—news media or print source–or anecdote—brief relevant and personal story to establish context and to assist with defining of controversy.

2. End of opening paragraph should give a position on a precise policy—law, act, court case or institutional guideline.

3. Second paragraph must introduce your debate opponent and list three to five discussion points

4. Paragraph 3 on should rebut, contradict or refute your opponent’s positions.

5. At least 3 times in the paper you should attribute evidence to academic or scholarly source/author. You must establish quantitative analysis—bring data/ numerical poof into the discussion.

6. Ending should list your best possible reasoning and also compare or contrast your position to an established thinker—MLK Jr or Thoreau specifically. (Martin Luther King Jr.’s “Letter From a Birmingham Jail”) or (Henry David Thoreau’s “Civil Disobedience”)

7. Discussion must include Annotated Bibliography listing publication information and annotation that distinguishes how source is scholarly/academic or primary—witness or testimonial document.

8. All discussion must be supported with scholarly and primary material: You must collect/photocopy and utilize an annotated bibliography of at least 6 sources (other than both our scholarly sources) in order to report source material—asserting source, author and credentials. (3 SCHOLARLY SOURCES & 3 PRIMARY SOURCES)

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