At the end of each chapter, there are critical thinking exercises. Choose ONE question from each chapter and submit your answer here.

Chapter 26:

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1.How does European imperialism in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries compare to European imperialism in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries in terms of the shift of wealth from one part of the world to another?

2. Was European imperialism in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries more or less open to accepting new ideas and lifestyles from imperialized lands than was the Roman Empire or the Abbasid Caliphate?

3.In comparison with other periods of rapid accumulation of imperial power, such as occurred with Alexander the Great, Rome, the Islamic Caliphate, and the Mongol conquests, did the rise of Europe to world domination in the era of imperialism result more from political will or from military power?

Chapter 27:

1. What new technologies were most important to economic expansion of the second half of the nineteenth century?

What were the chief grievances driving demands for enhanced political rights and economic justice in Europe?
How did the rising tide of nationalism affect the political boundaries and forms of government in Europe?
What were the key differences in the response of China and Japan to the challenge of European imperialism?
Chapter 28

1. Though historians often describe World War I as ushering in a new era after the “ling nineteenth century,” can an argument be made that the political upheavals stemming from the French Revolution combined with the consolidation of European colonialism made the nineteenth century just as transformative?

2.Where the fragmentation of the Roman Empire and Abbasid Caliphate occurred with little or no change in basic military technology, was technology a decisive factor in the transformations wrought by World War I?

3. Is Lenin the only political figure in World War I era who might be compared with Alexander the Great, Julius
Caesar, Genghis Khan, or Napoleon?

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