Violence in video games

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Violence in video games
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My research question will be are video games a healthy diversion from daily activities or do they teach violent behavior to the those that play them? The purpose of this research is proving doubters wrong about video games, this has been a question I’ve heard all of my life. There are a lot of people who are against video games they believe there is no good that come from them. But there is also those who think we need video games in our daily life. At the end of the research I will be able to discuss each point of view and determine which one is more beneficial to human life.

I want to write about this since I’ve played video games pretty much my entire life participated in daily activates like sports and clubs. An interesting factor is as a kid my parents didn’t allow me to play games that included violence. I’ve recently started streaming on Twitch joining the millions of other streamers with dreams to become the best. There aren’t any violent outcomes from me playing video games but I’m only one person of the world. But there are multiple occasions where some might say video games led to certain behavior.

How will I gain my information on the topic by using google scholar searching for various video game topics? Looking for studies that supports both sides of the argument in the same study. I plan on focusing on quantitative data focusing on the number of people that play video games. Also, just to begin I will ask those around me how they feel on the topic to see what the general world feels about it.

I expect to find that video games are a healthy diversion from the daily activities. They aren’t a form of violence being taught to the players.
























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