Novel: Baldwin, James. If Beale Street Could Talk.  1974. Vintage, 2002. Film: If Beale Street Could Talk. Directed by Barry Jenkins, Annapurna Pictures, 2018. Criterion. Essay: To be written by the student. How does the novel express a particular Black experience and is that experience carried over into the film? How true does that experience ring to the novel, the original source created and written by a Black author? Due December 12, 2020, midnight. Genre: protest/social novel Theory: Through what lens can we read these texts? A feminist/womanist one? Through the lens of class (Marxist), looking at how economics/class affects the characters and their movement, their environment. See Critical Approaches on Blackboard Key Words: poverty; feminization of poverty; incarceration; criminalized Black body; Baldwin and the Black church

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