Researching Popular Music

Why is this album (your choice) considered a classic, groundbreaking example of virtuosity (artistic AND technical excellence)?

The name of the artist and album, as well as its release date. The length of time it took to produce the album. The album’s producer (and how he/ she helped to shape it). What influences helped the artist and producer to make this album? How was it received critically? How was it received commercially? How did this artist and album adhere to (or break) traditional songwriting/ composition norms in the music industry? Which tracks were hits? Provide a criticism of three tracks from the album (musical key, tempo, timbre, instrumentation, close-reading of lyrical poetry, emotional “feel” of song). What is the theme of this album, and how do the individual songs build towards this theme? How did the album art add to the album’s theme, music, and success?

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Researching Popular Music
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Selena, Dreaming of You (1995)

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