RAFT Personal Letter

You have now finished the play Pygmalion and seen the results of the “experiment” with Eliza’s speech. We now see the resulting actions, feelings, and thoughts of the play’s characters.  Characterization is an important aspect of any good story, looking at how characters interact with others, their personal actions, as well as their internal dialogue.   Before our time, when there was no internet, computers, or even telephones, if you didn’t express yourself clearly, you wouldn’t have another chance! Personal letters have a lot of heart, personality, and importance to them.  Consider this when writing. I want to be able to see if you truly understand the nature of these characters.

  • Open a Google Doc — format it according to MLA standards
  • Create a personal letter from one character to another using the RAFT organization chart
  • Choose an option from the chart
  • Your letter must have the following organizational pattern:
    • Greeting: “Dear Eliza” or “My good friend Pickering,” or “To my frustrating son,” (these are just a few examples)
    • Body paragraphs: You are required to have TWOof these for this assignment. A FULL PARAGRAPH IS 5-8 SENTENCES.
    • Closing Salutation: “Sincerely,”  or “With love,” or “Yours Truly,” or “Regretfully,” (These are just a few examples)
    • Name: You will end with the character’s name who is writing the letter
Role: Prof. Higgins Mrs. Higgins Col. Pickering Freddy
Audience: Eliza Prof. Higgins & Col. Pickering Eliza Mrs. Eynsford-Hill
Format: Letter Letter Letter Letter
Topic: Why are you ungrateful for what I’ve done with you? Why did you dismiss my concerns about Eliza and your experiment? Will you please trust us to continue to guide you? Will you support my courtship of Miss Eliza Doolittle?


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RAFT Personal Letter
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