Public Human Resource Management Case Study

In this exam, you are writing recommendations that a personnel manager would send to a legal unit for review. Answer both case/scenarios with recommendations that thoroughly address all issues presented. Your recommendations should be comprehensive in nature and should include concepts, case law and appropriate legislation from course work completed this term. Each recommendation should be approximately 600 words each in length. You will have a fully written recommendation for each scenario and justifications that thoroughly addresses each area discussed (for example, employee rights, union rights, grievance procedures, First Amendment free speech rights, Hatch Act provisions, Freedom of Association issues, sexual harassment issues, etc.) Be sure there is a solid recommendation and make sure each area is fully supported.

Make sure you label each case: Case One Recommendation with justifications; Case Two Recommendations and justification. Please use the attached book [pdf] as your main source and the book The new public personnel administration Book by Felix A. Nigro and Edward Kellough

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Public Human Resource Management Case Study
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HINTS: Use the following information to guide your preparation for the final exam. There will be two case studies. One will involve issues of discipline, allegations of sexual harassment (know evidence needed under “quid pro quo”/hostile work environment situations), claims of Hatch Act violations, and what a public employee can or cannot publish in a newspaper about internal issues. The other one will address issues of collective bargaining claims, termination of employees and threats of union action in a federal establishment.

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