Preventative restorative justice intervention on Domestic violence

I need to outline an intervention. The intervention is a community circle to address issues of domestic violence against women among the immigrant population. In some countries, domestic violence is a cultural issue and is not seen as a crime. The idea is that a preventive intervention using the principles of restorative justice can be incorporated as a way to educate the newcomers bout US laws and culture.

There is no specific length or number of articles to use, as long as we incorporate some evidence.
Create an artifact (e.g. art piece(s), podcast, video, etc.) or write a paper outlining your intervention. The intervention could be a micro-level one, such as a victim-offender dialogue for a specific case, or a macro-level one such as a piece of proposed legislation.
Provide an overview of the intervention, highlighting any specific strategies that will be employed. Provide evidence of the potential effectiveness of these strategies, using the social work literature to support the discussion.
Provide a rationale for the choice of intervention, articulating why this intervention is appropriate for addressing the specified gender justice issue.
Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the intervention, making note of what resources would be necessary to ensure success.
Compare and contrast this intervention with existing approaches. Describe how this intervention will address shortcomings in the existing justice system.

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Preventative restorative justice intervention on Domestic violence
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