Performance Review

Performance Review

A 3-4 page analysis of a performance that contextualizes it in relation to theater history. You may write about any theater piece that you see, but you must attend the performance during this semester (i.e. between late August and early December). Musicals count, as do amateur performances and school productions. You may complete this assignment at any time. Due the last day of class.

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Performance Review
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N.B. This is not a review. Instead, I’m asking you to relate a performance that you see to conversations about theater history. Questions you might answer include: What relationship does this play have to theater history? How does it compare to historical performances in the past that we’ve covered in this course? How do you imagine theater historians might look back at this performance in the future?


Your review should be between 3 -4 typed double-spaced pages long – no more, no less – in 12 point font. Please use one-inch margins on all sides, include your first and last name, and staple the paper. Use page numbers.

Please make sure to include the date and location where you saw the production. Please attach any information about the production that you have — an online announcement, a website listing, etc.







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