Multimodal Repurposing

Multimodal Repurposing
For this assignment you will repurpose the information you gathered for your annotated bibliography, and present it in another medium. This medium should be the one you think will best convey your information to a specific audience of your choice.
Your final product will go beyond the written word and communicate using multimodal composing. To accomplish this, here are examples of modes you might choose: TED Talk, audio Podcast, YouTube video, song lyrics, Wikipedia entry, video or graphic essay, blog, informational brochure, short movie, or play. (You might think of something else!)–I WILL ALSO BE POSTING SEVERAL EXAMPLES FOR YOU TO SEE/WATCH so that we are fully clear and comfortable with the choices we have—THIS IS A FUN EXPERIMENT is how we can think about this—this is a chance to explore different ways of communicating and creating.
Note: Regardless of the genre you choose, you must turn in a written component. For example, if you create a TED Talk or podcast you might turn in a transcript—ie–the language or script that you use for the video. For a visual or graphic art piece (illustrations, comic, posters, photographs, short films etc), you might turn in an artist’s statement. If you are unsure about what the written component should be, you can discuss it with me.
Please tell me the mode you selected and why you feel this is the appropriate choice for your audience. Also, tell me what you hope to accomplish with your piece–do you wish to persuade, inform, something else?
Discuss the main elements or features of your chosen genre (including the length, tone, format, organization, desired effect on the audience, and other key features). Make a list and describe each element in a few sentences.
Tell me about how you will go about composing your piece: What technologies will you use? What information will you include in your final product? How will you organize it? Include any and all details that pertain to your specific project.

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Multimodal Repurposing
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