Modernity and Death of God

The final test is your opportunity to consolidate concepts, issues and themes we have been discussing throughout the semester in our examination of religion in the modern world.

For your final test, please answer the essay prompt below using course readings alone. You need not and should not use any sources outside of course material. Please be as thorough as possible in your response, with close reference to the texts we have read to support your argument. That is, you should provide specific examples from course readings to support your claims. If you use a quotation from a text, it is important that you explain how it is connected to your argument. Please cite texts and page numbers as appropriate using in-text citation, that is, (Casanova 24). The recommended response is 3-4 double spaced pages (approximately 750-1000 words). The response is due by the end of day on Wednesday, Dec 9th.

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Modernity and Death of God
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You should refer to at least three different course readings in your response. However, the more the better!

This final test is part of the learning experience of the course, so I encourage you to consult with me as you find helpful.

Note on citation: It is extremely important to cite and acknowledge sources when using someone else’s words or ideas (even when put into your own words). Plagiarism or any other form of academic dishonesty will result in a failing grade.

Essay Prompt:
In the second half of the semester, starting with Weber’s Protestant Ethic, we have read and discussed 5 distinct case studies focused on different parts of the world and distinct religious traditions in our examination of the relationship between religion and modernity. Choosing any 2 of the 5 case studies that you found most interesting and/or provocative (they must focus on 2 different religious traditions), please explain in detail what they reveal about the relationship between religion and modernity and the complex nature of understanding religion in the modern world. That is, how do the case studies contribute to a more nuanced understanding of this relationship and how do they challenge key assumptions about religion and modernity that we examined during the first half of the semester. You should make explicit which assumptions you are referring to and the source(s) for this information. Your paper must include a thesis in the beginning that encapsulates your argument, followed by evidence to support it.

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