How human behaviors don’t always meet societal expectations.

Research Paper Assignment

This semester, we have discussed how human behaviors don’t always meet societal expectations. As a result, we have had some compelling conversations about what makes a person an outcast. For your final paper, you must make your own statement about outcast behavior and/ or society based on your observations from the course readings and outside research. You should base your ideas on one or more of the characters we’ve discussed and use them as both inspiration and examples of your point. Your argument can be current or based on historical events, but like a literary theme, it must make a statement about human behavior and how it relates to society.

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How human behaviors don’t always meet societal expectations.
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This is a research paper. So, that means your paper must have the following:

You must have an arguable thesis that states an original idea about outcasts and society based on one or more of the semester’s texts and outline how you will prove it.
This needs to use the fictional character(s) in order to highlight your point. So, while you should absolutely discuss human behavior in the real world to support your ideas, your thesis/ ideas must be predicated on what we know actually happened to the character(s) in the text(s), and not based on something hypothetical or assumed.
You must provide close reading as a means of supporting your argument. That means you should look closely at several passages and or moments from the text/ movie and analyze them in order to support your idea. (That’s why we practiced this all semester!)
You must use quotes from the texts/ movie to support your ideas.
You must use quotes from at least three scholarly (peer-reviewed) sources as a means of supporting your argument. So, you should consider doing research using Literary Criticism, History, Sociology, and/ or Philosophy. You can find sources on your topic using the Library’s Databases— academic sources should either be about the text itself to support your ideas and/ or scholarly articles about the type of outcast/ societal behavior you are discussing to support your ideas.
With that said, your primary support for your argument will be your close reading of the text(s) itself. Your secondary support for your argument will come through your use of scholarly sources. Your paper must also have:

You must have 6 – 8 full pages for your paper!
As always, standard font (Times New Roman 12-point), double-spaced, one-inch margins.
Your paper must have an interesting and illuminating title.
You should include a Works Cited page in MLA 8 format. And, NO, it does not count as part of the page length requirements.

Our class has been reading the attached readings. My professor would like us to use the characters in the novels as examples and references in the research paper.
Thank you for your services and being AMAZING!!!

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