Given vast global inequalities, what are our moral obligations?

To set up the debate, spend a paragraph explaining a bit about the global disparities between the super-rich and the extremely poor. (This will help your reader understand the significance of the debate.) II) Explain both philosophical cosmopolitanism and philosophical nationalism, illustrating each view with an example (i.e. a specific action or policy that a proponent of each view would be in favor of). III) Of the two positions explained above, which do you find yourself aligning with and explain why? (If you prefer a more intermediate position, please explain that position.) IV) Given your own view, what sort of moral duties do you think privileged citizens have to those who are living in extreme poverty? Explain whether the duties you support are duties of charity or duties of justice, explaining the difference between the two. In this section, please also relate your discussion to either the issue of immigration, or the issue of climate change and future generations, whichever you find more interesting. V) Finally, make at least one connection between this debate and another philosophical issue we have discussed this semester (for example, Mill’s Liberty Principle, Rawls on Fairness, Nozick’s Libertarianism, Young on Oppression, Shelby on Justice and Deviance). Here you can either find a point of agreement or a point of contention, just explain the connection between the two clearly.

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Given vast global inequalities, what are our moral obligations?
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