Fundamentals Of Sociology


  1. Identify a community that that you consider “vulnerable” and explain why you made this choice. Identify the criteria that lead you to this conclusion.
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Fundamentals Of Sociology
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  1. Based on research, provide a comprehensive analysis of your chosen community. (e.g. demographics, income levels, occupation, trends, patterns etc. immigration, ethnicity, gender, integration, sub/counter cultures, crime stats, educational levels etc.). Based on this analysis, identify the issues/criteria that marginalize and/or makes this a vulnerable community. In answering this question, apply a “sociological” lens to describe this community.
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  1. What are the social influences and politics that impact this community? What is the community’s social history within the Canadian fabric and what is the current social context behind these influences?
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  1. What should be the strategy and/or response to empower this community to improve the quality of life? Apply and refer to sociological theory studied in class and from the text to answer this question. Think about and identify linkages as part of understanding the social issues (e.g. intersectionality). In addition, make sure to include anti-oppression theory in your answer (e.g. anti-racism, feminism, homophobia/transphobia, class theory etc.).

3-4 pages


  1. Include a minimum of the following in your references:
    1. Podcast
    2. Credible social media resource
    3. Newspaper/magazine article
    4. 2 peer reviewed, academic articles.
  2. Assignment must be submitted in APA style. If this is not done, assignment will be returned ungraded.



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