Forensic argument speech

The purpose of this speech is to give you an opportunity to inform the class about a particular topic from a distinct, argumentative perspective. This will test your ability to organize information in an interesting and productive manner. Additionally, it will challenge you to use principles of speech development and delivery. The best presentations will be those where the speaker is able to illustrate a comfort level with the topic and information imparted.

Be sure to use Toulmin’s framework to substantiate the argumentative claim you choose to make.

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Forensic argument speech
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Students will present a speech of 5 to 7 minutes, which informs the audience about some
object, concept, or event.

This speech is grounded in research.
You will need to synthesize your own research and find a way to creatively illustrate your topic to the class.
You will need to cite at least 3 sources in your speech, two of which must be scholarly.
Students will present this speech extemporaneously from a brief speaking outline either on no more than 3 pages (one side only) one side of one page or 10 note cards (one side only).
Students are also required to use at least one visual aid including (but not limited to):
Video clips (no longer than 1 minute)
Poster boards, handouts
PowerPoint presentation including at least two visual elements (pictures, graphics,
charts, etc.)
Any object (prop) that will help to present their topic (be creative!)
Features of Informative Speeches:
Choose words carefully.
Don’t try to cover too many points
Clarify the relationship between you main points by observing the principles of coordination.
Use words like “First,” “Second,” “Furthermore,” etc.
Keep speech moving forward according to a well-developed plan.
Use precise vocabulary without being too technical for the audience.
Simplify whenever possible.
Use reiteration, but avoid repeating with exactly the same words.
Association of new ideas with more familiar ones.
Submit your written version (essay or full-sentence outline) in APA format.

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