Final Exam Essay

Final Exam Essay

Having reached the end of our course, this final essay should demonstrate your ability to tie together what you have learned in this class. Answer the questions posed using specific historical examples to support your generalizations. You should be able to integrate the concepts and ideas gained in the course into a coherent, interesting essay addressing the respective questions posed.

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Final Exam Essay
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Essay Topic: This course has investigated a number of peoples, civilizations, and political entities from throughout the globe. Especially telling and important was the interaction between peoples and cultures at different levels of development. With this in mind, address the following question:

Discuss the relationship of barbarian and civilized peoples throughout the regions and timeframes(3500 BCE – 1500 CE) that have been discussed this semester. Where did this interaction occur? What types of interaction or exchange followed? What has been the result of this interaction, exchange, and relationship?

Please be sure to include examples to support your ideas and answers.

Textbook is “Worlds Together Worlds Apart Edition 5E”.

Submission Requirements: This assignment must comply with essay format guidelines: Introductory paragraph, multi-paragraph body, and a closing paragraph. The paragraphs should be single spaced with double spacing between paragraphs with standard margins and no more than 12 font. Your essay should not be over two (2) pages in length.

RESOURCES: The Final Exam is not a research paper. Utilize all the resources in the course to create your essay, however, this assignment should be in your own words. This is an “applied” knowledge essay. The assignment asks you to apply concepts and historical supportive examples from what you have learned and respond intelligently to the questions posed. Cited sources should not be necessary for this assignment. The examples utilized to support your generalizations should be “common” knowledge. Think of this as an “open resource” essay.

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