Creative writing

ADV 301: Principles of Advertising

Assignment #2

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Creative writing
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Creative Assignment


The creative assignment uses the information gathered in the previous assignment.  You are expected to write a creative brief and then produce creative material based on the strategy.


Here are the steps you need to follow:


  1. Write a creative brief for the brand you chose in your previous assignment. Your creative strategy should be based on the goals of the brand you set out, and utilize the target audience you prescribed.  You may make some modification to goals and target audience. You must use the McCann-Erickson strategy. In writing the strategy follow the exact format of the guide that was given to you. This includes typing the question/statement in bold and following it with your response/description. Follow the style. This is written in the first person.


  1. Once the creative strategy has been written, you are expected to produce one creative item.
  2. If you decide to produce a print advertisement you need to hand in copy (typed according to format and on a separate page) and a rough visual. In other words someone completing a print ad will hand in three items. A creative brief, copy and a visual.
  3. Your creative item could also be a TV script. Please note I do not want a storyboard. The script should be for a 30 second commercial and must follow the conventions for writing TV scripts. Video must be on the left column and all capitalized. Audio in the right column with all except that which is spoken capitalized. If you are planning a TV commercial you need to hand in a creative brief and a TV script.
  4. Your creative item could also be a radio commercial. The script here also needs to be written to format will be 60 seconds in length. Those choosing to work with radio must hand in the creative brief and radio script.


  • All assignments must be typed. Save a copy for yourself.
  • All assignments are due in the first 5 minutes of class, on the due date. There are absolutely no exceptions to this case. Failure to hand in an assignment on time will result in a score of zero.  Doing your work early is crucial.  This way, issues of illness and other emergencies will not interfere with the deadline.
  • All assignments must be reviewed for spelling, grammar, structure and punctuation. One error could result in the loss of at least a grade point.


Grading: The total assignment is worth 50 points of which, the creative strategy is worth 25 points and the creative execution will be worth 25 points. Your brief must be written first. You will be judged primarily on whether your creative item is on strategy. Failure to hand in a brief will result in a score of zero.

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