Book review on Economies of Violence

Instead, each review will ask you to focus on a particular aspect of
the work and offer more in depth, evaluative remarks. Each set of
prompts will guide you to include descriptive and evaluative (and for
review 2 and 3: comparative) statements about the book, and invite
you to offer a recommendation.

Reviews will be evaluated on the basis of the following criteria:

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Book review on Economies of Violence
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Description. The description clearly and succinctly states the
main ideas, topics, themes of the material/book.
Evaluation and comparison. The evaluative/comparative
statements are well supported with evidence, justification,

explanation, and examples. The evaluative/comparative parts
demonstrate command and understanding of the materials/book.

Structure and organization. Your review should be well-
organized and have a sound structure.
The basics. Your review should meet the basic requirements
regarding grammar and usage, appropriate citation, and word
limit. References to the book/materials are correctly cited along
with any other materials/sources that were used.
Recommendation. The reviewer’s recommendation should be
clearly stated, persuasive, and should be well supported by the

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