Based off speech?

COMM 110. Public Speaking


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Based off speech?
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Assignment 1




Watch and critique these two speeches.


• “Speaking Up Without Freaking Out”:


• “Bad Public Speaking Example 1”:




You are expected to write a 1-2 pages paper critiquing the speeches by adequately addressing the following discussion points. Make sure to include examples from the speeches in your discussion.


Discuss the following:

• How did the speaker engage the audience?


• Reflect on some of the physical aspects of the speaker’s presentation. Describe how each of the following contributed to making the speech effective or ineffective:


o The volume of the speaker’s voice
o The pitch of the speaker’s voice
o The speed at which the speaker spoke (e.g., slow, fast, natural)
o The use of pauses in the delivery
o The clarity with which the speaker spoke (articulation)
o The physical appearance of the speaker (e.g., posture, grooming)
o Movement (e.g., standing stock still, moving around the stage)
o The use of gestures (e.g., waving of hands)
o The facial expression of the speaker (e.g., looking alert, smiling)
o Connecting with the audience


• What else have you noticed that makes this a good speech, middling or bad speech?

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