6 Articles on American Landscape

Article Review-American Landscape

  1. related to Chapter 2- Native American Landscape


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6 Articles on American Landscape
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  1. related to Chapter 3- Hispanic Landscape
  2. related to Chapter 14-American City Scape


  1. related to Chapter 19- Consumer Landscape


  1. related to Chapter 10-Deserts Landscape


  1. Related to Chapter 9- Praries Landscape

Article Critique Post/Reply Discussion Assignments,.These short postings (between 400and 500words) should explain how a current Newspaper article about an aspect of culture we have read about in our textbook, such as the role of Religion, Ethnicity, or Agriculture reveal contemporary aspects of the relevance of these factors in human modification of landscapes.  These sorts of insights allow us to update our knowledge from the textbook with current situations.  First, list the title, and date of the Newspaperarticlethat you are discussing.  A good online source for free daily major newspaper articles is the New York Times website at NYTimes.com.After reading a few articles you may be asked to subscribe for a small fee, but you may also purchase a hardcopy at most Starbucks, while some Starbucks give day old copies away for free.Second, in a clearly separated main body section to your essay, analyze the article in terms of how it offers new perspectives on spatial patterns and cultural activities in relation to specific places and regions.  Compare how these new perspectives relate to what is, and is not, covered in the relevant textbook chapters.   Required format:First, paste your posting into the designated space by the Deadline each Thursday, DO NOT include your questions or critique as an attachment because then it is not easily visible to everyone.  If you include an attachment it will receive zero credit.  Remember, hardware/software problems with your personal computer are not valid excuses for late or missing assignments.  There are plenty of computers you may use on campusor at public libraries.Reply to a Fellow Student’s posting, due by 11 pm each SundayCritique a fellow student’s posting in terms of what important information from the textbook has been omitted or not fully dealt with.  There will always be additional important information to talk about concerning each topic, because the postings are limited to about 500 words due to time constraints.  The final form of your critiquemust be between 300 to 400 words (i.e. up to almost one full page if double-spaced using an 11 or 12 point font).  Base your critique on a careful reading of the original article.  Back-up your argument with material from the relevant textbook readings.  Any critique containing insulting and/or derogatory language will receive zero credit.Statement of Purpose and Bibliography(5% of Final Grade)Submit a short statement of purpose by November 6in the Assignments Section explaining the specific Cultural Landscape topic you decide to studybecause you find it intriguing or fun.  This statement must be at least one page long or 250 words, but no longer than

4500 words.  Examples of a good short statement could cover the historical settlement area ofa particular ethnic group, or type of agriculture, and what sort of distinctive cultural landscapes resulted from these cultural practices.Specific examples could focus on early Chinese immigration to California and the factors that led to the formationof Chinese American ethnic neighborhoods, or how the cultivation of grapes for wine resulted in distinctive vinyards and wine producing regions. But there is no need to focus on recent American history, you could also research the early development of walled Cities in China, or Cathedrals in northern Europe, etc.    Also,include a short, initial Bibliography of at least 5 books and/or journal articles you have found so far.  Our textbook, and anything you just find online such as a blog, or a Wikipedia entry, or a social media post, etc. will not count as one of your 5 peer-reviewed (i.e. vetted by qualified scholars in their fields and published by reputable institutions) sources.If you do not know how to search for books and journal articles based on Key Words in online databases available from our Library website, email me for advice, or go to the library and ask a reference librarian for help.



Example of Article response-below is how its done:


It’s Not Just the West. These Places Are Also on Fire.


Sept. 16, 2020


https://www.nytimes.com/2020/09/16/climate/wildfires-globally.html (Links to an external site.)


The premise of this chapter focuses on a topic that, back then, did not get as much attention as an issue, but rather a means to expand the legacy of early civilization America. In the 17th century of America, the act of deforestation acted as a means of development in order to cultivate resources of building materials, energy, and free acres for agricultural and eventually industrial/commercial land. During a time where global or regional warming was a topic unheard of, the American settlers saw no lasting implications that the far future generations of America would have the responsibility of enduring. Other landscape terms that are explored in this chapter are “virgin forests” and “natural regrowth.” One could argue that given our current state of the environment, “virgin forests” would have a connotation of despair while “natural regrowth” is one of hope. The businesses of lumber, metals, and coal were thriving to the point that producers of aluminum alloy were importing 500,000 tons in present day New York. Because of these copious amounts of production, it wasn’t long before the pioneers took notice of the changes happening with the relationship between man and nature. In fact, the trailblazers of the environmental movement in America right around the same time period of the Civil War.


In recent events, the wildfires of California that we have deemed we as a state now have every year virtually makes it impossible for any chance of our forests for a natural regrowth period. Speaking from a humorous but very real issue, it’s easy to say that our governor declares a state of emergency every year. Needless to say, what we are experiencing is what both the Golden State, and now the Amazon, must suffer from because of the mass industrialization and deforestation. Over 11,000 counts of lightning strikes has been a major contributor to the 367 fires, as stated by the Fire Departments of California. Other countries like China, France, and Switzerland have worked endlessly to reduce their ecological footprint, while we are governed by leaders who wish to drill in the Arctic. And now we must face the almost uncanny damage that now the Arctic is now having the issues of fire. And yet as we see these catastrophic environmental disasters unfold before our very eyes, there are still naysayers that global warming is a hoax. However, the evidence is snowballing and we will all suffer the full of it, as these next few years will determine if our world will suffer irreversible damage that our grandchildren will live to deal with.


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