Why do women give into bordem eating?

Remember, the third and fourth essay go together. You’ve already written the first half of essay 4 and submitted that as Essay 3. Now you’ll revise, edit, and add to it to create your fourth essay.

The fourth essay will be a proposal argument proposing a study that will fill in a gap or weakness in the previous research on the topic. You should have identified at least one such gap or weakness in your Essay 3.

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Why do women give into bordem eating?
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For the fourth essay, you will revise and extend what you did in Essay 3 into a research proposal of approximately 1250-1500 words. You will need to cite at least SIX sources total, including at least THREE scholarly sources.

The purpose of this argument is for you to practice:

Editing and revising appropriately
Documenting sources correctly in MLA or APA style
Building an evaluative argument that justifies the purpose of your study
Recognizing and responding to limitations/drawbacks to your study
Writing in the report/proposal genre

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