Video Report

Lecture by Matt Ebiner, available on YouTube (scroll down to find the embedded video; remember to set it to FULL SCREEN and HD 1080 resolution)

– “Bicycling Across America (pre-Smartphone/GPS/Google)”

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Video Report
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o Ebiner’s experience biking across the USA by himself as a 19-year old

o Interesting, funny, geographical, with insightful lessons learned during the journey

– Report should be a summary of what you found most interesting, along with your own thoughts and reaction to what you saw, learned, heard.

You can include factual info in your write-up, but it must be written in your own words.

-You should have a concluding paragraph to describe what you found most memorable, surprising, or impressive.

– 1-2 pages (at least 500 words).

*Make it insightful, if possible)



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