The decision of hiring a PA or an NP

Essay 3: Describing a Larger Conversation
(minimum 1200 words minus title page and reference page

Option 1: Pick an issue affecting your future career field, your major field, or your community. Write a paper that explains various perspectives on this issue, addressing at least three different sources (published texts, interviews, et cetera) and no more than five sources. Rather than presenting the issue as having two sides (those for or against something), explain more than two points of view, showing the complexity of the issue. At some point in the paper, take your own stand, but the majority of the paper should explain the larger conversation surrounding the issue.

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The decision of hiring a PA or an NP
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The essays attached are assignments related to the paper including my views and my references that I have. I am becoming a PA and would like to talk about the struggle Physician assistants have with getting hired over Nurse Practitioners.

Thank you!!

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