Supreme Court Letter

I want this to be mainly based around systemic injustices that are clearly demonstrated in America (for example the criminal justice system and stuff like criminals should be able to vote)

Paragraph One: Introduce yourself to the Justice. Explain why you are writing them (do you agree with their views or not-be sure to identify what those views are) Please explain your constitutional philosophy: illustrate what parts of the Constitution you find to be most sacred, most valuable, or most in need of protecting, and how justices should approach interpreting the constitution. Explain why you place importance on those parts and include at least one specific historical reference in your explanation. A specific historical reference could refer to the ideology of the founding fathers or to an event which highlighted the importance of a certain constitutional feature.

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Supreme Court Letter
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Paragraph Two: Choose and discuss two Supreme Court cases we have discussed in this unit (or others you have researched). One of them should highlight what you believe was good judicial decision-making and the other should represent what you believe was poor judicial decision-making. Explain your reasoning for both. These should reflect your philosophy mentioned above.


Paragraph Three: Address the constitutional issues that high school students face today. Do you believe that students have been treated fairly under the constitution? (WILL SEND YOU THE SOURCES) Cite at least two cases discussed in class as examples of either fair or unfair treatment and explain your reasoning. (these should not be the same cases addressed in paragraph 2) Should the court continue on precedent or change course with regards to teens?


Paragraph Four: What are the future issues that the Court should address? Explain to the justice what you believe are the most critical issues facing America today, on which the Court should next rule. What direction would you like to see the Court go in the next decade? End this paragraph with a graceful concluding sentence.

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