Social stratification and it’s based on several chapter

The essay question is about social stratification and it is based on several chapters (class, race and gender). You should read these chapter in order to have a clear idea of the different explanations used in sociology to explain stratification and social inequality (based on class, race, gender) are explained in sociology. The question focuses on two macro perspectives: functionalism and conflict theory. You should be able to differentiate the core arguments/ideas of both perspectives and write a clear and coherent essay. A good strategy to develop the essay would be something like this model.

A. What is social stratification and what are the key concepts used in social stratification: for example, class, social mobility, open versus closed society and so on. How class is related to race and gender?

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Social stratification and it’s based on several chapter
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B. What are the key ideas of functionalism regarding stratification (based on class, race, gender) and how social inequalities based on class, race and gender are explained in sociology?

C. Which are the key ideas of conflict theory regarding the same subject. You can use some examples to illustrate your ideas (current economic crisis and what groups have been more impacted by the Covid19 pandemic.

D. Compare both perspectives ideas about class, race and gender as forms of social stratification.

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