This  required  “reflection paper” has two different parts (they are “separate but related”)

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PART I:  We have & will point out that if one were to identify the most important/influential/significant studies in the field of Psychology, MANY of them would come from the subfield of  SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY . We will be discussing most of these landmark studies (though some referenced in the text may not actually be specifically covered in class).  But WHICH of the many “classic” and not so “classic” studies in social psychology ARE the most important???!!  THAT is really a matter of (what is hopefully a well thought out…”reflective”) ..opinion.  This component of the paper asks you to submit what YOU believe are the MOST important two or three studies in social psychology and WHY.  The “scoring” of the assignment does NOT depend as much on which studies you identify as particularly important, as to WHY & HOW  you support your selection.  While you should offer a summary of the studies in question, the bulk of the paper should pertain to your supporting if your position.  In the process of doing so, you may reference other studies / authors / experts in terms of how & why THEY believe  Study X or Y is the most important  OR  simply support your viewpoint with your own sentiments  OR a combination of both of these approaches.  In any case, you should offer a well thought/organized/ defense of your viewpoint.  On average one would likely require AT LEAST  about 3 pages of typed information.

PART  II:  Is SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY  & social  psychology research (findings) REALLY just “common sense” as has been suggested by some?  Is it true that you could…or at least…should have predicted the outcome of the various studies presented over the years?  What do  YOU  think?  Can you identify any studies where in your view the results could/should have been predicted & one could/should have “known it all along”??  On the other hand, can  you identify studies where in YOUR view the results/findings could NOT have been predicted in advance?   This part of the assignment asks you to reflect on these questions…perhaps “keep a log” of sorts of  studies which you could or could not have predicted as we go along  (AT LEAST  one or two for each category).  Here again the “grading” is based on HOW you support/defend your position as much if not more than which studies you select. And, as is the case with Part I, the bulk of  your paper should address your DEFENSE of your position (though you should of course obviously include a brief summary of the research  at hand).  Part II would  likely require about 3 typed pages


IMPORTANT:    Do  N  O  T   “combine” Parts I & II in your response…you WILL be DOCKED  25 points if you do (even if you are referencing the same study).  It  is suggested that you keep a “log” where you can include/reference the various studies we will be covering/referencing in the course….. Be sure to include ONLY those studies which directly pertain to Social Psychology  (If it is NOT referenced in a social psychology text, it MAY not be. ) “Theoretical concepts” such as “Groupthink” ARE acceptable. The assignment is  DUE one week before the final exam.  Submissions after that time & up to the distribution of the exam will be accepted  with a 10% penalty (any submission thereafter = 40% penalty). BOPPER ALLERT: No I will be considered for lack of this paper !                 CONTINUED……..>


The instructor would be happy to do a QR “quick review” of a paper submitted  ON or  BEFORE  Thanksgiving ………………..This is the QR date for  A  L  L   students. Preliminary and/or final editions should be submitted  as Attachment/Word/pdf in email unless otherwise specified later in the semester.




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