Answer the following prompt:
In a well-written essay, describe your thoughts and observations for this course and your own reflections of your learning experience during this course. You must refer to a minimum of two specific readings and/or activities, projects, or presentations. (A gentle reminder that attendance, some curriculum choices, textbooks, and final exams are mandatory per Lone Star College regulations.) Only constructive criticism for yourself and the course please.

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To generate content for essay:
Add examples and analyze
Make connections between texts, objectives, discussions, presentations, your learning and experience, etc.

Most common errors in final examinations:
Failure to revise and proofread before submitting (at least briefly)
Connect your texts to each other—compare, contrast, connect
Connect your points to each other to form a unified essay

Minimum 2 double-spaced pages, with proper MLA header and title
Display your knowledge of proper English grammar and mechanics
Use the syllabus to guide you through the semester’s requirements.

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