Problems Within The Distribution System

rewriting 10 page research paper

This came from my instructor. The paper is missing many citations to sup
port the assertions, which is an APA problem. I am returning your paper and will allow you to redo it to ensure that all assertions have an academic backup. Placing a citation at the end of a paragraph does not cover the entire paragraph. Also, as a reminder, you cannot have a once sentence paragraph. Please place that sentence in the previous paragraph or add more sentences. You also have many assertions and no academic support below. Please see the attached returned paper and rubric. It is very important the following reference is used for this paper:
Keown, A.J., Martin, J.D., & Petty, J.W. (2017). Foundations of Finance: The logic and practice of financial management (9th ed.). Boston, MA; Pearson ISBN: 978-0-13-408328-5

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Problems Within The Distribution System
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The paper must be rewritten in APA 7TH edition format

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