Our Changing Earth

Research Paper
Our Changing Earth: An Investigation of Global Warming for Earth Science
This will be done in two parts. Part One will address the natural cycles causing Global Warming, while
Part Two will address how human activity effects global warming? The part I & II equals a minimum 250
words as a total word count (if double spaced;
1 page;
or you can use single spaced). There is no title
page, no name, no abstract and Include at least two references (APA format), one for each part. Make
sure you do both Parts for full grade.
Part One (75 points)
Discuss how ONE of the following natural cycles controls Global Climate Change: Milankovitch Cycles
(astronomy) OR Deep Ocean Conveyor Belt (oceanography). Include what the natural cycle is doing to
climate change at the present time. Include one reference.
– break down of points
Did the student identify natural cycles of astronomy OR oceanography? (5 points)
Did the student link natural cycles with climate change? (40 points)
Did the student draw conclusions with use of scientific evidence? (25 points)
One Reference (5 points)
Part Two (25 points)
How does human activity effect global warming? Include one reference.
– break down of points
Did the student present evidence of human activity’s effect on global warming? (20 points)
Did the references reflect appropriate scientific study? (5 points)

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Our Changing Earth
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