Informative Speech- The Global Citizen


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The informative speech is a presentation in which the student is the teacher on a particular area, country, or city of the world (NOT America, because we live here). This speech will be presented for review by the professor. This topic must be cleared with the professor prior to building the speech, so this is given extra points and its own Assignment link. An outline form is found in your Course Documents area and should be used. However, an outline builder is a tool in MindTap to guide the construction of the speech, and it is available to be used. In this presentation the student is simply relaying information. It is important that the student does not turn this speech into a persuasive effort. Topics should be substantial and should have an impact on fellow students. Pedantic topics such as “how to make Mexican Tortilla soup” should be avoided in favor of topics that speak to the current human condition in a part of the world (Medecins sans Frontiers dental work in Haiti), how a student’s major sets the stage for impacting the world (vet tech opportunities in world zoos), student hobbies/interests in other areas of the world (horseback riding in Austria), current events in the news, or personal experiences (personal or family travel, study abroad, student exchange) that could inform other students about issues that may not be well understood.

Usually, a topic that comes from the student’s own experiences or passions makes for the best topic.


Once your topic is chosen, approved, and a rough outline is put together, you are then expected to use the library’s databases to find material to support your speech. There are instructions on how to access the library’s databases in the Course Documents area. You will find the abstracts helpful. The author of an article is asked to take the entire document and create a synopsis of the article, known as an abstract, placed in the front of the article and listed with the article information page. Read the abstract before you read the entire article. This will quickly and easily tell you whether or not the article will pertain to your topic or if it is only loosely related and may not apply. It is recommended that if you use the article in your speech (or in papers!) you download the .pdf version of the article to your own computer.




Do not use web sources until after you have obtained the minimum number of database sources if you want to achieve full points on this assignment. When researching in the databases, one can make use of the Citation Builder to find the MLA citation for each article, and copy-and-paste that citation into one’s own Works Cited page. This makes the whole process of citations super-fast and much, much easier!!


Alternatively, there is a tool called Questia in MindTap, which is also a huge library database with its own citation engine.


Because of the travel-related nature of this assignment students may use no more than TWO of the following online sources:

Smithsonian Student Adventures

The Works Cited page should be completely formatted according to the MLA Style guide, since that is what the English department uses on campus. If you decide to construct citations by hand, be sure you have obtained the wise guidance of a librarian or the actual MLA style guide itself. Again, use that easy Cite Tool or Questia!!


You will also compile a series of images in a PowerPoint presentation to accompany your speech. This could be shown to your audience while you are speaking. Again, this should be images, not text. Pictures are for PowerPoint; words are to be spoken in speeches and written in papers. Personal vacation photos are encouraged, as the visitor often captures the “reality” of the visit, not the slick, glossy advertisement-side of a resort or location. Review all of the materials on PowerPoint in Course Documents, including the two examples, to be sure you understand the power of PowerPoint when it is used properly. This will ensure you obtain the most points you can get. A rubric will be provided in advance of the due date.


For each speech the student will submit:

• an outline

• a properly MLA-formatted Works Cited page

• the PowerPoint file used (no voice-over PPT!)

• a complete written manuscript of the speech (the “perfect” speech)

• a video file (this is REQUIRED for credit) OR the YouTube link to the video of you performing the speech. on or before the date due.



Again, to be clear, ALL required assignments (all speeches, the group work) must be completed in order to pass the course. Not “doing” a video or submitting materials or chiming in with your group and producing satisfactory contributions t

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