Marketing Research Report

The marketing research report is the culminating learning experience of the class. The project is primarily an opportunity to draw together all the concepts covered in class and apply them to a “real world” situation. The objectives of the project are: (1) to demonstrate that practical research is grounded in real problems and opportunities faced by an organization, (2) to develop an appreciation and understanding of the research process, (3) to develop the skills necessary to conduct strategic marketing research, and (4) to explore how marketing research information can be used to help make managerial decisions.

The project will involve original, primary research. While the questionnaire, database, and analyses will be supplied in advance, students will identify appropriate research questions, analyze results, and write the final report. Homework assignments essentially provide guidance in writing the research report.

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Marketing Research Report
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[Hints] Start by imagining that you are consulting for a real company – that you are acting as a consultant to a specific client/firm. You will strive to address a particular concern, answer a particular marketing question, and/or uncover a new set of issues. The written report will end with a group of strategic marketing recommendations based on your research findings. The final project will culminate with a professionally written report.


[Secondary Research] Each project should utilize at least three outside, secondary data sources. You must have at least one academic source (i.e., peer-reviewed journal). Research should be relevant to the issue(s) at hand (e.g., you may include industry sales data, market trends, or demographic information).


[Formatting] Your paper should be typed, double-spaced, in 12-point font, with one-inch margins all around. Five pages of text (max., not including Title Page or Appendices). Use graphics and pictures at your discretion. Citations IN your paper (APA style preferred), with a References section at the end.

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