Legal Case Study Critique
“You failed to complete the Legal section and give appropriate application to your clinical practice with a reference. This is where you should have a citation from the textbook and a reference. I will give you a chance to redo. Also look at implications for practice. Reread this part. The answer that you gave did not cover the question asked and supportive evidence from our text with an intext citation and a reference” this the words and remarks from the teacher. I will upload the template with the remarks from the professor that are missing. I need help in adding that section and to cite a reference and to also I need help to answer “the implication for practice”. Please see the rubrics that I will upload. The assignment is a little bit incomplete but most of the works are done and I risk losing 20 points which will affect my grade. Will also upload the case study that the prof. has graded and a sample legal case study that was given to us.

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