Internet Search and Evaluation – Part 1

This assignment asks you to browse the Internet, and choose one particular video or slideshow that you find interesting and insightful about the topic of creativity and/or innovation.
Consider the content of the course, and search for a video or slideshow that both fits with what we have discussed, but also extends what we have learned in some insightful and interesting way. Try to choose something that is viscerally appealing, and not too long.
Write a 600-word evaluation of the content you have chosen; your evaluation should try to lend context to the content, describing strengths of the insights it gives (after all, it has some reason to appeal to you) and possibly offering some criticisms of it as well. If you find the content awesome, say why you find it so; if you find parts of it fallacious, write about that as well.
Your memo can include bullet points, but must include APA citations if and when you cite sources (you will obviously have to cite the video/slideshow/article at the least).

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Internet Search and Evaluation – Part 1
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