International World Problem

Develop a report on the most significant international problem facing the world as a whole today. Your report should clearly identify the problem (for example, nuclear proliferation, global poverty, climate change, international terrorism, etc.) Most importantly, your report must build an argument that explains both 1) the political and/or economic causes of the problem and 2) why this problem is so significant/problematic for the world today. This argument should include a discussion of at least two political or economic causes of the problem and two reasons why this problem is the most significant facing the world today (as opposed to the alternatives). As such, your essay’s argument must be backed up by four main points in total. Each of these four main points should be clearly explained and supported with evidence – data, facts, or examples that are drawn from reliable sources (which are cited clearly in the report). The report should draw on at least four outside sources to help support its argument. The report must be at least 1,000 words long.

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International World Problem
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