Write a response to Walid Saleh’s, article “In Search of a Comprehensive Qur’an: A Survey of Some Recent Scholarly Works”
In your response, please consider the following points:

1- Saleh’s article is a review and at the same time a critique of recent scholarship on the Qur’an. What does Saleh find at stake or problematic in the field of Quarnic Studies in the West? pp. 143-144

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2- Saleh’s critiques ranges from criticizing apologetic work (Abu Hamdiyyah) to hostile work ( Michael Cook, Roberto Tottoli) What does Saleh finds problematic in the work Cook’s The Koran: A Very Short Introduction, Tottoli’s Biblical Prophets in the Qur’an and Muslim Literature and Uri Rubin, Between Bible and Qur’an: The Children of Israel and the Islamic Self-Image? (147-159)

3- Is there a persistent pattern of Euro-American scholarship on the Qur’an in Saleh’s critique? Can you summarize these pattern in a few points?

3- What does Saleh mean by saying that “the field of Qur¥§nic studies is at an impasse”?

If you decide to quote Saleh, please use quotation marks and provide the pages numbers.” Do not use block quotations. Please edit your writing before your submission as grammar and spelling mistakes will count against you! Please use Times New Romans 12 point font with one inch margin all around. Please submit before the deadline, tough earlier submission is encouraged 🙂

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