History of Canadian Businesses

For this discussion posting assignment, read the material on the rebellion in Upper and Lower Canada. Also, look at the video, Capital in the Twenty-First Century, available in the Kanopy database from the library. When you watch it, turn on the closed captioning because the interviews of Thomas Piketty, the author of the book with the same name, is in French.There are also passages in other languages. Both the rebellions of 1937-38 and the video are about how people are being left out in actions by business and politics. Decisions made by people in these two groups lead to that exclusion, not always consciously. Do the events in Canada in the rebellions tell us how businesses should operate in the future to ensure that everyone is included?
By following these guidelines, organizations can help restore the trust which most individuals -operating as customers, employees or governors – long to have return.

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History of Canadian Businesses
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