Global and environmental health

Through this assignment, the student will demonstrate the ability to:

Inspect the relationship between environment and global health (CO7).
Appraise global health problems considering WHO SDG’s as well as related epidemiological data (CO7).

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Global and environmental health
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Points: 60 points

Assignment Requirements

Please go to a lay press newspaper, for example, The Washington Post, The New York Times, or other national publication.
Locate an article that has global health implications, such as malaria, untreated strep throat or other infectious diseases in developing countries.  Other topic areas may address environmental global health issues, for example, safe water, sanitation, or oral health.
After you locate and read over the article, respond to the following prompt:

During NR503, we have discussed the web of causation, epidemiological triangle, inter-professional collaboration and various other concepts related to population health and epidemiology.  In responding to your chosen article in this week’s discussion board be sure to synthesize, integrate, these course concepts as well as other terminology found in weekly modules. For example, integrate into your writing information from the World Health Organization and the SDG’s or include social justice theory into your article analysis.  The specific focus is up to you, but be sure to compare and contrast, integrate and think critically, as you present your discussion board post.
Your post should be a minimum of two (2) paragraphs with 4-5 sentences per paragraph.
Your initial post should include a minimum of two (2) scholarly articles which would not include your course text, which is also permitted to be used.
Reply posts should include a scholarly reference and be a minimum of one (1) paragraph, 4-5 sentences.
A scholarly tone should be maintained throughout all posts.
A link to the article using APA should be included.

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