Give Me Liberty! An American History Volume 2,

TEXTBOOK: Give Me Liberty! An American History Volume 2,
Eric Foner, 6thEd


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Give Me Liberty! An American History Volume 2,
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Final research papers are to be 7 to 10 pages in length. Times Roman 12-pt font and double-spacing are also required in this final paper. This is your research that must be done as the semester progresses. Select a topic early in the semester and discuss it with me to make sure that it is appropriate for the class. You must use multiple sources, both primary and secondary. I look for more primary sources than secondary. Library research is necessary to accomplish this research paper for a final exam grade. Do a great job and give effort as this is your final grade. There are no tests given – so do a good job on your papers. Again, NO LATE PAPERS WILL BE

PLEASE DO NOT PLAGARIZE , MAKE SURE when you site your sources, they are coming from the book and the secondary sources. When you site from the “Foner book, I must be able to go back to the book, and find the information you sited. I am attatching a few chapters of the “Give me Liberty” book, as this is where you will get your primary sources from.

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