Error Project

For this assignment, the goal is for you to compose a long-form memo that explains an error that has occurred during the development of your proposed project and provide solutions to said error.


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Error Project
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Length: 2 – 3 Full Pages
Memorandum Line
Memo Fields
Choose three to four heading with which to break up your memo that will allow you to discuss the progress of the project, the error itself, the consequences of the error, and how you plan on fixing it.
You must include at least one chart or diagram in this memo demonstrating a change in the project as a result of the error.

One of the more difficult moments in professional communication, much like in life, is when something you propose or work on goes wrong. Unfortunately, errors are a part of professional life an learning how to discuss and navigate them can be a crucial skill. Presenting a memo that acknowledges your error and then proposes concrete solutions can go a long way in convincing an employer to continue entrusting and employing you.

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