Discussion on Certification

First, view the slides linked below that provide an overview of certificates offered by HubSpot and Google.

Click on the link to view or download the file: About the Extra Credit Certification Discussion

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Discussion on Certification
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Second, begin a certificate course of your choosing and then answer the following in your post:

Which certificate course did you begin (provide a link to the course) and discuss why you want to get this certificate?
How much of the certificate course have you completed? (Note that you don’t have to complete the certificate course to get full points for the discussion)
Which other certificate course(s) do you think would help you achieve your career goals (provide links as needed).

Approximate post length: This is largely up to you, as I will not grade on quantity. As a rule-of-thumb, however, complete answers typically require at least a paragraph (e.g., 5 sentences or more).

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