Dietary Guidance Assignment

*All answers and responses should be filled in directly on the attached assignment sheet*


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Dietary Guidance Assignment
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The purpose of this assignment is to submit 2 days of dietary records with the Cronometer data to observe any changes made to your diet based on the first dietary record submitted in the Energy Balance assignment. Another purpose of this assignment is to use reliable and valid sources to understand the function and recommendations of nutrients consumed from your diet. (Make sure to attach the report from Cronometer)

You can completely be creative with this assignment along with making up any of the food/beverage records.


1). One day tracked dietary record (handwritten or typed) – this can be from the Energy Balance Assigment to save time.

2). Cronometer Report from the Energy Balance Assignment

3). Typed Responses to Questions 1 to 4.

For Questions 2a and 2b: Please indicate your written response underneath the tables.
Question 2c: If you did not meet 100% of the nutrients, please indicate that in a sentence. You can elaborate about which nutrients were fairly close (ie. around 95% to 99% or 101% to 105% of the nutrient intake).
Questions 3 and 4: A peer-reviewed source is required to complete this assignment: If you do not have the texebook, two peer-reviewed sources are permitted for assignment completion. If you need to access full-text articles from off-campus, you can login to UConn Skybox or Anywhere ( and log in with your UConn NetID. Once you login, you can access PubMed articles by using one of the internet browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox, Explorer).

Day 2 Documents:

4). One day revised dietary record with the changes made to your dietary behaviors based on the data from Day 1. For example, if vitamin C was low in Day 1, then a person may choose to increase vitamin C sources like mandarin oranges for breakfast and snacks. By incorporating this into the dietary record and Cronometer, you can see the changes from the Day 1 and Day 2 data.

5). Cronometer Report for the Revised Dietary Record

6). Typed Responses to Questions 5 to 9.

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