Determinants of FDI Inflows in Developing

The paper must address in–depth a specific issue relating to the international business field. In other words, your paper must be grounded in and linked directly to, the concepts discussed in the course or within the readings.

It is expected to be written and presented with the strongest consideration given to academic scholarship, attention to detail and professional presentation.
Your paper must be at least 5000 words in length (typed), and note that this is exclusive of any and all references, tables, figures, appendices and notes.
You are expected to use and cite a minimum of 25 academic sources. Keep in mind that there are an immeasurable number of resources available for most, if not all, of the topics any student wishes to pursue. This means that submitting a paper where only 25 academic sources are used will very likely guarantee an ‘average’ grade (e.g., C or perhaps a C+). Notwithstanding the requirement to have 25 academic sources, you may, of course, use more than this. In fact, it is very likely that you will have more. Keep in mind, you may utilize an unlimited number of non-academic sources. For instance, if you have come across reports, news items, etc. that you wish to include, you may do so. In practice, most research papers in this course feature between 30 and 50 academic references and probably 20 – 30 non-academic sources. Remember, using just 25 random academic sources does not guarantee you a good mark. What matters is how you use those sources. This is largely why many students need more than 25 in their paper. Please use more than 25 but make sure they are relevant to the topic and the use of examples, data sets, graphs to further explain your arguments is critical.

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Determinants of FDI Inflows in Developing
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*** I need a detailed outline for the full paper within 3 to 4 days of the contract start date which will need approval from my prof since it’s a very big assignment. Also, plz research Krugman’s Trade theory, and Linder hypothesis and see how it can be incorporated into this paper. Further resources/changes will be given after the approval of the outline. Since this assignment is so big, communication is very critical so please make sure you do stay in touch throughout the writing process as it will be a very hefty task to review a full paper after writing it, so we will make sure that we are proofreading it throughout the process to minimize the mistakes and keep making changes accordingly.

Form And Structure
Write in the third person.
Write in the present tense.
Do not write an abstract or executive summary — neither is necessary for this assessment.
Use headings throughout your paper, and make sure you have a title for the paper itself.
The choice of font, margins and justification is yours. That said, and if you are looking for some suggestions, I would recommend 1.5cm document margins, a nice Serif font such as Times New Roman, and left justification only. You will be evaluated — albeit minimally (see above) — on the “look and feel” of your assessment, so you are advised to make it look “professional. You will be exposed to numerous academic articles in this course, so ask yourself whether your paper has the same look and feel (e.g., references, headings, referencing style, word usage, sentence structure, grammar, paragraphs, etc.).
You must include a single title page that contains your name and student number. Please indicate the course number, your name, my name and the date you submitted.
Do not reference textbooks. You are expected to be utilizing materials far more advanced than what most textbooks are able to provide.

Marking Guidelines
The following general guidelines shall be used when assigning a grade for this assessment:
Content (80% of your mark)
Ability to formulate a relevant and timely problem in the broad
area of international business.
Demonstrated understanding of critical issues.
Ability to construct an argument(s).
Innovative use of material/arguments/references/knowledge.
Demonstration of independent thought.
Ability to undertake the specific analysis.
Use of at least 25 academic sources.
Structure (15% of your mark)
The logical flow of arguments, sentences, paragraphs.
Appropriate use of headings and sub-headings.
Style and presentation (5% of your mark)
Grammar (as indicated above, smaller problems are overlooked).
References and citations (relevance, appropriateness, number).

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