Criminal Procedure: Convictions, Overturns, Habeas Corpus

Below are the instructions for the assignment. Please read through them carefully and make sure to answer all questions in your discussion. Please include the resources given here or some relevant sources you find online. Make sure to use intext citations when needed.

Our trial process while good is not perfect. Sometimes people are convicted and imprisoned and then the verdict is overturned. What happens when a person is convicted? Do they have any rights? What are they? What happens when a convicted person gets the verdict overturned? Are they innocent? What role does Habeas Corpus have to play?

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Criminal Procedure: Convictions, Overturns, Habeas Corpus
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Have you ever heard of anyone who has had their conviction overturned? What happened? Do you agree with the process? Why?


Post-Conviction Relief, Drug Crimes, Expungements, Motions to Vacate – YouTube

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