Connecting text essay

Respond critically and perceptively to significant connections across texts, supported by evidence (e.g quotes) – this involves making sophisticated and insightful and/or original interpretations and judgements across four texts. The four text that I want you to write about is: Crime and Punishment, Brothers Karamazov, Anna Karenina, The Stranger.

For this essay, the will be one overarching or ‘umbrella’ connection. The ‘umbrella’ connection is the main linkage between the 4 texts and is the connection which you will continually refer to. Umbrella connection could be:
-Style (e.g, symbolism, imagery, motif use, narrative perspective, visual and verbal techniques and language choices,),
-Character (e.g. conflicts within and between characters, character change, minor characters that are used as symbols, characterisation techniques, and character relationships)
-Structure (e.g. Placement of events, the use of formal structures, editing techniques, repetitive designations, and lack of structural choices)
-Mood (e.g whether a similar mood prevails between the 4 texts – how is the mood created? What is the purpose of the mood?)
-Theme (e.g Do the texts share similar concerns? Is there a similar author’s purpose?)
Make links to the author’s purpose, wider society and human experience (go beyond superficial understanding; demonstrates an understanding of expected reading response and integrates personal observations; shows a sophisticated ability to weave contextual and textual information to form new personal understandings; and evaluates the crafting of the texts and hw they are indicative of a period of time or style, while suggesting how the style indicates wider purpose.
An exemplar is in the files below to help as guidance. Thank you!

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Connecting text essay
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