City after dark

Your final submission must use a consistent citation style, including final bibliography.

You are being assessed on how well you relate texts/media and experiences to course material in a clear and concrete manner – demonstrating your understanding of key concepts and your ability to apply them appropriately.

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City after dark
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Remember that we are discussing The City After Dark – make sure that you focus on ‘the night’ either through explicit references to nighttime, comparisons to differences with similar circumstances during the day, etc.

Pick one of the following questions and write a short essay using the quote or idea as a jumping off point to discuss class themes and the nighttime.

This essay is asking you to critically use course concepts to discuss an idea or experience. Again, your essay should cite at least two course texts and consider, in particular, how social and cultural constructions of nighttime are mobilized.

1. Mott and Roberts cite this quote in the context of their work:
“Indeed, women are often constructed as “doubly victimized”, in the sense of being constrained not only by fear but also by the apparent irrationality of this fear.” (Bondi and Rose 2003:233). Using clear examples, discuss the relationship between women’s treatment and behaviour during the night.

2. Chatterton and Hollands quote Becker as saying:
“There are few wholly deviant acts in society—only those that are perceived as deviant and defined as such.” Discuss examples (either current or historical) from class material of the regulation of nighttime activities that operate on the level of perception of wrongdoing instead of actual antisocial behaviour?

3. Matthew Beaumont wrote: “As Virginia Woolf once pointed out with a noticeable sense of frisson, ‘we are no longer quite ourselves’ after dark. She relished ‘the irresponsibility which darkness and lamplight bestow’. Later, we heard a Stonewall patron say: ‘You could not be out. You led dual lives. And for me one of the real, fundamental goals of gay liberation was to overcome that –to have one life.’
Do you think night offers more, or less, opportunity for us to ‘be ourselves”?

4. Provide an example from your own life of a time when you experienced Deterritorialization or Reterritorialization. Identify the situation, explain why/how the circumstances were de/reterritorialising using concepts from class. Essentially, use the situation to illustrate your understanding of the term.
*you must pick and explore one, do not present an experience that ‘could be both’.

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