No sources needed, may consult sites to gather information but put into your own words. The building structure name is: Dome of the Rock it is located in Jerusalem, Israel. Attached is the an image of the building, which is what this paper will be about.
The following is an outline of the paper:
Write a one-page biography of both artists that built the structure. The biography should stress more than just dates and facts: focus on what’s interesting about their career, why the artist is important, their originality, what they’re famous for, etc.
PART 2: Visual Analysis

Analyze the visual forms emphasized in your work, including the use of line and contour, texture, color, scale and other visual design elements, as suggested by your answers to the following questions.

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1) What is visually most distinctive/special about the work? Which elements are most emphasized: lines/outlines; space/depth; light and shadow; textures; color?

2) Is line important? outlines? inner lines? detail? What kinds of lines?

3) What colors are emphasized? What is the effect of the colors chosen? How are colors combined — to harmonize or to create strong contrasts? Do the kinds of colors used draw your attention to a certain focus in the picture? (If the work is black and white, where are the darkest darks [values] used and where are the lighter shades [values]?)

4) What is the approximate size (scale) of the piece? Is the work monumental, or is it small-scaled & intimate? How would it be different if it were smaller, or larger? Why do you think the artist choose that size for this work? What is the effect of the scale chosen?

5) Is texture important – either represented texture (in painting) or actual surface textures (in painting or sculpture)? If yes, how are textures shown? Why are they important? What do they add to the image? For sculpture, are actual textures emphasized? Analyze surfaces.

6) What kind of space is used/shown? Shallow space, medium space, or deep space? Why do you think the artist chose this kind of space?

7) How are lighting and shadows used? Are shadows prominent, dominant? Or is lighting emphasized more than shadow? Or are both subdued, and why?

8) Is there a focal point in the work? If so, how does the artist lead your eye to that point of emphasis? If there’s no one focus, there multiple points of focus? Why would there not be a single focal point?

9) Is there a story? If so, what is it? How is the story told visually?

10) What is the emotional expression of the work? How does it feel? Its mood? The emotions of individual figures? What does the work “mean” to you?

PART 3: Your Response

Why did you choose this work? What about it appealed to you? Do you like it better now that you’ve learned about the artist/time period and you’ve systematically analyzed the work? How did your research and analysis inform your view of the work?

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