AI and Ethics Presentaton Powerpoint

I require a powerpoint presentation using the following outline. Powerpoint must be a minumum of 6 Minutes in length


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AI and Ethics Presentaton Powerpoint
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· Introduction

Technology has helped us to move on from overworking

ourselves to making it easy by creating robots that do almost everything that

human beings can do. The Question that is mostly asked is whether they are safe

for humans even with all its benefits. Concerns raised are mostly quaint, for

example, people argue that trains are too fast and telephones will completely

change humans because they destroy personal communication.

· Body Points

1. Ø Artificial Intelligence

is understood as the man-made computerized system that has an intelligent

behavior or is able to achieve the set goal.

2. Ø Humans cannot record a

wide range of experiences while machines do it easily.

3. Humans have the ability to choose depending on the changing

situation and choose what is relevant (Yapo, 2018).

4. Machines do specifically what they are programmed to do

which may result to decisions that are not comprehensible to humans.

5. Ø AI is not completely

safe for decision making because some decisions require collective experiences

(Piano, 2020).

6. Ø Decision making should

not be left on the hands of programmed machines no matter how intelligent they


7. Ø The decisions made

should have high standard of fairness, trust and equalness rather than

statistical accuracy.

8. Ø AI machines end up

lacking accountability and robustness hence not able to make decisions right in

a society (Hauer, 2018).

9. Ø AI applications are used

in sensitive sectors like medical diagnosis, financial institutions and

military services (Dignum, 2018).

10. Ø This is a world where

things are changing and where complex decisions are made.



Data-driven processes should not completely rely on AI

algorithms because it will lead to biased decisions against our ethical values.

These algorithms are created by human beings who themselves are biased hence

end up passing it to the algorithms they have created. AI applications are

beneficial to human beings but should be reviewed frequently and still have

someone to look over them.
















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R., Dennis, L., … & Micalizio, R. (2018, December). Ethics by design: Necessity or curse?. In

Proceedings of the

2018 AAAI/ACM Conference on AI,

Ethics, and Society (pp. 60-66).

Hauer, T. (2018). Society and the second age of machines:

algorithms versus ethics. Society, 55(2), 100-106.

Piano, S. L. (2020). Ethical principles in machine learning

and artificial intelligence: cases from the

field and possible ways forward. Humanities and Social Sciences


7(1), 1-7.

Yapo, A., & Weiss, J. (2018, January). Ethical

implications of bias in machine learning. In Proceedings of the 51st Hawaii International Conference on System


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